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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daughters 1st Dance!!

My daughter went to her first dance last night, I can't believe it.  There I was dropping her off and getting a little teary eyed, but that comes easily anyway!  It was not a dress up event, more of a social gathering. Still, it was her first dance, and I forgot my camera.  Of course, she told me that if I would have taken pictures it would have been " way not cool MOM". 

It seemed like just yesterday that she was grauduating pre-school!  I loved it when they were telling what the wanted to be when they grew up.  My daughter stated " a nurse or a ROCK STAR".  She more wanted to be the rock star, she said nurse cause that is what I am.  It was the cutiest thing, ever.

Now she is 10 1/2 yrs old and going to dances.  The one thing that I am still thankful for is that she still thinks that kissing boys is gross.  THANK GOODNESS!!!  She also stated that "going out" with a boy just includes holding hands.  Still don't know how comfortable I am with even that!!  They grow up soo very fast.

Guess I just need to hold on tight and go with the ride.  I do have my foot right above the break, though!!
She went to her first dance, sniff sniff!

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