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Monday, October 11, 2010

it's all about Mommy Monday's

This is the first post that is going to start off Mommy Monday's.  On Monday's I will discuss what is on my mind that is related to just us moms...without the kid stuff.  It came to me over the weekend that I need me time not only in the real life, but also in my new virtual life. Which brings me to my first topic for today, a girls night.

I went out last week to go play bingo with my neighbor and her friend and had a blast.  While getting ready I realized that it was the first time in like 6mnths that I was going out with out the kids or my husband, a complete girls night out.  How sad is that!!  Before that it had been like a year that I had a "girls night" out.  Now, that is really sad!! Why do I not go out?  I had to ask that myself.  I never wanted to I guess.  Sounds weird, right.

About 6mnths ago is when I became a stay at home mom, prior to that I worked full time.  I worked all day and enjoyed the time with the family that I never really wanted to go out.  I then would always plan things with other families or would have the kids with me if I went to have lunch or dinner with anyone.  This could be why I lost myself for a bit.. I was JUST mother...not ME!  I didn't talk about anything that was going on in the world, not that I ever really did that before( I did at least know what was going on).  All I discussed was the kids, all I did was for the kids.  Now I have the time to find ME again.  There are times, now, that I have had enough of kids, you know what I mean if you are home all day with little ones.  I think that it is needed to have a healthy mind to go out for those girl's nights.  I even read that online!  I know that you can't always believe what you read online, but I am going to take that one and run with it.  I told my husband that in order for him to get "nouchy" on a regular bases I need to have a girls night out and he will have to take care of the kids, this is the only way for me to stay mentally healthy (it is written so)... not that I ever really was, but it sounds good,right!

Back to the actual girls night.  Bingo is a lot of fun!  I had never been before.  There are some crazy people there, they take bingo very seriously!  Of course, I didn't win anything and lost $11, which isn't too bad.  I don't know how some of them have all those sheets and keep up with things, the are not talking to anyone so I guess that would make it easy.  Some even have things set up around them for good luck, like little trinkets, it is so odd to me.  What ever works for them, though I didn't see them win anything.  I will definitely go again real soon, it is needed for my mental health!!  As soon as my neighbor has her little one this Nov. and has stopped breastfeeding, we are going to go out for drinks.  That will be a fun night out!!

Tell me about your last girls night out.  Give me ideas for some future mental health days!!!

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  1. Girls night is crucial!

    For my girlfriends, obviously we go out. Sometimes a bar, or a show that I could never take my husband to. Movies, craft night, brunch!

    following you from bloggy moms