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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Trying to Save a Buck

I am on a mission to try and save money any way that I can.  I have signed up for coupon sites, getting coupons for groceries and even to restaurants.  I am trying to just buy things that are on sale.  Even quit smoking( I know bad habit and I should have quit anyway) to save on money, and my husband quit too.  We have committed to not buying movies any more and using the Netflix that we have had for every and barely used.  All of this so that we can save a buck!!

When you decide to start saving money, you really have to commit or it will not work.  This is something that I just started doing, for about 2wks now.  I am still experimenting with the groceries, trying to see the best way to save that buck.  I tried first doing a lot of coupons and going to commissary( husband in the Navy) to see how that did, I saved $22.  I thought that was pretty good for my first time.  The only bad thing about the commissary is that the one we have here is very small and they do not carry a lot, the produce doesn't last long at all either.  Next, I tried one of the local grocery stores, Price Choppers, and used their online grocery list placing only the things that were on sale using their Advantage card.  This time I saved $19, again not too bad.  I think that I might have saved more if I would have used some other coupons for the things that were not on sale.  I will have to try that next time.  I also tried going to Walmart using the coupons, and ended up buying more stuff than I needed- this was not a good effort on my part.  I will have to try that again.  I will go to Hannafords, another local grocery store, next to see how much I can save there.

The task of working on cut backs with the family can be trying.  We have been used to having two pretty good incomes and have now gone to just one.  I am lucky that I still get some money from my old nursing job, being "on call" for the doctors office to call with questions and help with tasks that I can do from home.  It brings in some money, but not a lot.  We also get some money from a house that we are renting out, still doesn't make up my old income.  So, now we are faced with changing our spending life style.  I am having an easier time than my husband.  I think that he wants me to go back to work so he doesn't have to change anything.  I don't want to, I know that if I do go back to work now my school will be pushed back.... again!  Not only that, I love being at home with the kids.  I have been having sooo much fun with them.  I have convinced him that he needs to cut back on our cell phone policy... we do not need all those minutes, it is crazy!!  The amount that we pay for the cell phone is the same amount that we pay for a car payment!  Next, I will be working on cutting back all the cable channels....that too is crazy.  All those channels and still nothing on TV.

I know that this will be an ongoing practice to save money.  I also know that there are a billion different ways that you can make it work.  I will be updating on this subject all the time.  If you know of a great way to save a buck, please give me secret.  It will help us moms who want to stay at home and enjoy our kids.

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