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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I found my niche to start blogging!!

So, I found it!! My niche, that is, to get started on blogging.  I read through several getting started blogs that were very helpful.  All of the blogs said the same thing.... you need to have a NICHE or something that the blog is all about.  I knew that, I just didn't have any idea of what to write about.  There were even some ideas about putting a survey out there to see what subject to talk about.  Of course, the most popular idea was to blog about a passion of yours, something that you enjoy doing or like to talk about( i.e. cooking, gardening, etc.).  This is where i got stuck for a bit.  I just couldn't think of anything, and then it came to me.  I will have more than one blog!  I will keep this one for me tid bits and then create another blog for my attempt at cooking, note the attempt... I enjoy cooking and love it when others like what I make, I am just new to cooking from scratch.  So, I thought it would be great to write about my trial and errors with recipes.  I want to keep this one so that I can blog about my family, my adventures, and other odds and ends. 

Another thing that all the blogs about blogging stated was that you have to have patience with blogging as well.  Not every blog gets read, what you find interesting may not be to anyone else or the ways that you present the blog just cant be found.  They stated that you need to have catchy titles, that is something that I will definitely have to work at.  I also read that one blogger keeps a note pad near by to jot down ideas, that is a very good idea.  Catchy titles could come at any time for me and then be lost just as fast.

I also read that having good writing skills is a plus, but first timers can do good as well.  That was very comforting to hear.  I can write papers sometimes, but grammar  gets me good.  The more you blog, the better and more comfortable you become, hopefully.  Most of the blogs stated that you could find a hidden talent that you never knew you had unless you try.  It is also a good idea to have others read your blog to give you an idea of your blogging talents, tell a friend or family member to read it.  I am going to try and think of someone that i can trust to be honest with me, one to make sure that I don't sound like a total idiot!

So, here is my attempt at blogging!  Now that I know what I am doing, or better that I have an idea of what direction to go in, I am very excited to get started.  Here's to hoping that my blogs get read( fingers crossed).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Blog... EVER

This is the first blog that I have ever done, hence the title.  I don't quite know why I even started this Blog page!  Maybe to just have a means to vent or tell how I feel about something, not sure.  I can talk to my friends, family, or facebook so that might not be it.  Maybe to just have it.  I'm thinking that it is more of the having it available.  I guess we will see what I do with it and then it will come to light why I started it in the first place.
I guess i should tell a bit about myself.  I am a happily married mother of 3.  The children's ages are 10,3, and almost 2 ( on X-mas day...poor kid).  I am a licensed practical nurse currently going to school to become a registered nurse, stay at home while I try to get this degree.  I am on-call for my old job to help out with things over the phone since I no longer live in the same state.  That was an awsome job, by the way!  The doctors that I worked for were wonderful, the pay was great, my manager the best, and the work was great!  So why quit, right?  My husband's job took us out of the state, otherwise I would still be there.  In a way it was the best thing for us, it gave me the opportunity to get back to school.  Can't think of anything else to say about me right now, I am sure that I will come up with a post later to give more info about me.. if that is the direction I am taking this.
So, that is what I have for now.  Who knows where this is going now?  I am sure that it will lead to something, definitely something new ( again... 1st post ever).  Maybe I will read others blogs and see if I get any ideas from there.  I'll keep you updated!