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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Toddler Talk-All that garble

I completely understand the sideways glances that I get from people who hear me have conversations with the kids in public.  Mainly with my two toddlers.  I am constantly repeating different things that could be what my 3yr old is saying and telling the almost 2yr old " I'm sooo sorry but mommy has no idea what you are trying to tell me"!  I try my best to decipher the garble, but sometimes I am at a loss.  The best is when my 3yr old is trying to talk to some pretty lady (he is such a flirt) and I have to translate.  Sometimes I just have to shake my head and tell that pretty lady I have no idea what that one was!!

Sometimes it works in my favor that it is difficult to understand my son.  I have a bad habit of swearing and he picks up some phrases.  Then he even knows how to use them correctly in a sentence.  The latest is "that pisses me off"  He has been saying that to the TV (mainly to Olivia, why? I have no idea), to is little sister, and even to going to the commissary(he hates that place-no toys all over the place).  When I was showing my ID to the guard at the gate he told me that "it pisses him off going to this store".  I have no idea if the guard understood him or not, I am hoping not.  I hoping that I only understood it cause he is my son and I listen to him all the time and have gone through the continuous guessing game of the garble.  The guard made no face or comment,so I think I am OK.  Me and my damn mouth, next thing he'll be saying "Oh Shit".  I say that the entire time that I am cooking dinner!

So, we work on words and read books together to try and ease the understanding of the garble and to get the almost 2yr old to speak words.  That does seem to help and I love reading to them.  Maybe it will teach them to respect books and not just try to tear them up.  I wish that there was a book that could help me understand the garble!  Actually, I think that there is one out there somewhere.  I saw a commercial once, but remember thinking that they were full of shit!  I will just continue doing the guessing game of all that garble!!

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