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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Have you ever had one of those days where evrything is off.  My typing skills are way off today, putting spaces where they don't go and caps in the middle...way off.  Even my handwriting isn't right.

I slept in today! Go figure that sleeping in would cause all this.  Too much sleep.  My husband had off and I had him get up with the kids @630am(same time everyday).  I did not get out of the bed till 930am, now my whole day is off.

I had plans today to go thru all the blogs that I hopped into yesterday and read a bit and comment a bit.  Now the pages look like a blurr and my brain can't think of things to reply back.  One page I couldn't figure out how to leave a reply to a post, I am sure that it is real simple-but I am just not with it today.  i also had plans to write a really good post about something.... forgot what it was.  That is when I thought I would just post what was happening.  I still have to clean the kitchen from last night....damn trolls!!  And get ready for wing night with the neighbors....I LOVE WINGS!!!!

All because I got a few extra hours of sleep, threw my whole day off.  Doesn't help that I Think I might be getting a sinus something or other.  My husband has off again tomorrow, I think that I will just get up with the kids, never breaking the routine again!!


  1. Absolutely! I have! These kinds of days soon pass then to enjoy a really 'ON' day! New Bloggy Moms Follower here... stop by Bizee Mama's Secrets and say Hi

    aka Bizee Mama

  2. I think extra sleep with help me!

  3. I love wings too! I am following you back! Thanks so much for the follow!