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Monday, October 4, 2010

Farewell cooking blog!!!

I tried to have a cooking blog, but I had a hard time with it.  I am not a cook, ask my family!  I try new recipes and some work ,but most don't.  I was going to try to talk about stories that went with recipes... it was a wonderful blog.... in my head.  I just could not get it to look great on the computer.  The ideas just looked sad and I am sure that it looked very un-interesting.  After awhile the posts would just be about how I burned myself with this or that meal and then the inevitable ER visit.

Who knows, maybe once I get a good handle on this blogging thing, I can revive the cooking blog.  By then my skills might have improved to the point where I can actually be of some help to others with mad cooking skills!!!  Recipes that no one has ever heard of that taste like heaven.  OK, maybe not that good, but one never knows.

I will still be able to talk about some of the adventures that I have with cooking on my blog here, but having just a cooking blog was too hard for me to fill at this point.  Just keep in mind, most of them will be about the rad burn or the wonderful ER visit.


  1. Hi... visiting from Bloggy Moms. I enjoy cooking to but I know I am not great at it. I try to change recipes to make them my own but it always fails on me. I am following you please come follow back:

  2. Thanks April... will do!
    I have tried the same thing. Doing that today... will see how it turns out and maybe talk about it later.