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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Bomb in the Kitchen

Every evening after dinner, I head back into the kitchen and damn if someone didn't set off another bomb in there.  First, I accuse my daughter-who is 10.  She says no I think it was Pop (step dad)!  Well, we all know that men don't enter the kitchen, so it wasn't him.  So, it must be kitchen trolls or elves or something ,right.  No way it was me and my excellent cooking skills.

I have really started to like cooking meals from scratch, but the clean up is a biatch!!!  When my husband and I first got married he used to come into the kitchen and help clean up.... that stopped.  Now, after dinner he sits down and turns on the damn Simpson's( that he DVR'd).  That show sucks the brain cells right out of you. A whole other post on that subject!  Anyway, where was I.  Oh yeah, he used to help!  Every once in awhile he will step into the bomb after math...but not lately.  Sure would be nice if he did that again, I was always able to play a little without the kids seeing (wink).

Now, I know the trolls or elves or whatever did this so they should be the ones to clean it up.  Tried leaving the mess one night for them to take care of it, but they just like making it and it was still there in the morning.  Lazy ass's!!!

I know...I know... I'll get out of my delusional world and admit that I DID IT!  I need to learn how to clean up while doing the cooking, sometimes it is easier than others.  When you are cooking and telling the boy to not head butt the little girl, or pulling the girl off of the T.V. stand it makes it kinda hard to do that.  I thought about strapping them down while I cook, but I heard somewhere that it is considered child abuse... go figure!!  Sticking them in a closet falls under that child abuse thing, too.

So, I guess that I am left with cleaning up after those darn trolls or elves or whatever!!  Maybe they will learn to make smaller bombs.


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  2. Oh I hear you! My kitchen needs a complete overhaul at least twice a day! LOL.

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  3. I swear that crumbs get on the floor under the cupboards when i just swept....i was flipping on the kitchen yesterday....i totally get it!...ughhhh

  4. I'm a messy cook too - but you know, I've heard it stated that "messy cooks are good cooks" so I'll stand under that! :)

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  7. Speaking from one messy cook to another, I feel your pain! I have learned to clean as I go, though, which seems to help a little bit!

    Great blog!

  8. I would cook a lot more if the elves would come clean up the messes. I hate to clean the kitchen. So gross.