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Monday, October 18, 2010

Coochy Cream

Don't get grossed out, I am not talking about THAT!  For Mommy Monday I will be talking about Coochy Cream.  I have found myself telling others about Coochy Cream more often lately.  If you don't already know, Coochy Cream is the best shaving cream ever.  If you get rashes easily from shaving, ANYWHERE, this is the best cream for that! 

I have been using Coochy Cream for years.  I hate shaving to begin with, since I get razor burn if I get cold coming out of the bath.  There is no way that I would even think of using regular soap and my body doesn't like the shaving creams/foams that you can get at the grocery store.  So, I use Coochy Cream and those problems are gone.  Now I use it for my legs and ....well my coochy area.  It works fantastically!!!  Very smooth and no rash, a plus for me.  Now, it is exactly what it says, a cream.  It doesn't really get soapy or foamy, it just works.

So, where can one get this fabulous stuff?  At the local "dirty" store, also know as the sex shop, adult store, porn house, love shack, you get where it is.  Why do I call it a "dirty store"?  Only because of the way I feel after leaving.  There is always that creepy looking old man that looks at you that way and makes you feel...dirty.  I wouldn't sit down anywhere in that place either, do you think they clean up anything!!  There are some more well keep places than others, but they all have them.  If you have a huge aversion to setting foot into a place like that, which they really are not bad at all, you can order the Coochy Cream online.  Since I have just moved and don't know where there is a "dirty" store, I will have to order online.  When you order online and not at the store, you don;t get creeped out by the dirty old man, so you tend to browse for other great finds.  You would be amased at the fun couple toys and games they have, and you can also get some good laughes at some of the things they have.  "How do you fit that into there!!!" Seriously, good laughs!

Where did I hear about Coochy Cream?  Don't remember, actually.  I think that my sister told me about it and then I heard from others that it works really good.  I discussed it once with the nurse at my docs office and she said that it was great for super sensitive skin, that would be me! I have been using it ever since, almost 10yrs now.  Hopefully I have informed someone of this wonderful Coochy Cream, and it will help them out!

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